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Ford & the butler team up for better service.

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Automotive retailers often focus on sales when thinking about driving loyalty—cash on the hood to drive the next sale. That exchange is too often transactional by nature, when it’s is the service department that has the most impact on customer loyalty. Ford identified an opportunity for their Dealership’s Service teams to improve the experience to improve satisfaction and retain more customers. 


Bond developed a national program and hospitality immersion sessions that include training from Charles MacPherson—affectionately known as The Butler—and runs North America’s only registered school for butlers and household managers. Over 600 Ford Service Advisors and Service Managers enjoyed 5-star hotel and hospitality service during daylong sessions focused on defining hospitality touch points in the service process and the skills that could be applied at each step of that journey.  


Participants said they were extremely satisfied with the immersion sessions and strongly agree that their experience was enhanced by the knowledge they received from the program and training session. 99% said they would recommend all aspects of the session to their team.  

Ford has seen increases in its customer satisfaction ratings, and has long held a leader position in customer retention and loyalty.