Bond’s 2023 Loyalty Report Data is now available


Automagical Customer Loyalty

Artificial intelligence that produces real results. Bond's tried and true methods, models and IP are built into our customer intelligence platform.

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Cloud calibration for personalization

Our cloud-native platform brings Bond's proprietary behavioral, attitudinal, and emotional benchmarks and methodologies directly and securely to your customer data throttling, offering value against comp-set benchmarks.

All-ways adding Value

Offer Optimization

Deploy years of operational experience in loyalty, engagement and offer management to grow LTV.

All-stack Application

Works seamlessly across home-grown ecosystems, leading martech stacks like Salesforce & Adobe, and natively in Snowflake and Databricks environments.

Fast & Low

Offers quicker speed to market and lowers total cost of ownership, without burdening CapEx.

Key Features

Unleash the power of data-driven customer intelligence with SynapzeXi, our advanced analytics platform, delivering:

  • AI generative offers to maximize LTV
  • Compatibility with a range of martech stacks, like Salesforce & Adobe, to improve original investment
  • Seamless integration with Snowflake & Databricks to speed time to value
  • Automatic best-in-class benchmarking to throttle offer value & CRM communications
  • Category-specific predefined offers for quick-start offer optimization
  • Built-in test-and-learn for continuous improvement

And many more

A Powerful Combination

Together, Synapze XI + Snowflake help brands realize immediate value from the customer data they already have. Bring our intelligence to your data, instead of having to bring your data to us.

Our powerful processing engine is built on Snowpark® technology and features an intuitive UI built in Streamlit®. This integration helps marketers build intelligent customer records and optimize personal offers—without having to share or expose your data.